Black Church, Inc.

2016-03-31-blackchurchincThe interesting thing about Black Church, Inc. is that it tells the story of a demographic that desperately wants to be involved with religion – and as a result of black people wrapping up everything into church (social change, entertainment, family, etc.) they have allowed themselves to be easily misled by very corrupt individuals.

To anyone not involved with these “False Profits” as I’m going to call them, they are easy to spot. They seem to place an unhealthy amount of attention and focus on tithing, which is almost always misunderstood by churchgoers nowadays. This is obviously because it’s their primary source of regular revenue, and they know how they can guilt the congregation effectively.

It’s a pretty short documentary (not even an hour long) and is a bit pricey to rent (I paid $3.99 on Google Play) so I would almost recommend waiting for it to drop in price or see if you can find a place or someone that has it and borrow/rent it for less. The things the film shows aren’t shocking, but it does shed light on various false profits often overlooked by the media.

It’s also sad to see that there is no clear solution for this issue, and things will likely only get worse regarding this trend, because it’s such a lucrative one and it preys on a particularly needy demographic in the United States. Still, a film like this does a good, concise attempt to at least shift attention to the topic and I am glad it was produced.



I’ve Finished Student Orientation!

2016-03-16-studentorientationI’m very excited to say I’ve now completed Koinonia Institute’s Student Orientation, which means I can start registering for and taking actual Bible classes there!

The quiz could be taken as many times as necessary, but thankfully I was able to get all 25+ questions right the first time by simply taking my time and making sure I went through all of the Student Orientation webpages and the Student Handbook provided.

For anyone taking this test, I would recommend using something like Notepad to record your questions/answers in (in case you have to re-take the test, you can quickly reference previous answers given) and reading the questions first to “skim” over text and look for specific phrases or sections being asked about. Don’t forget “Save & Next” to save progress!

I’m excited…I’m going to register for my first class later today!!!

Introductory Course Completed

2016-03-13-gen101A few days ago I finished up my first course from the Koinonia Institute – the self-paced class “GEN101: Manifesto of Our King.”

Keep in mind I’ve never done a Bible class of any kind before. Not really. So I am very proud of my results. In the course the point was to expose learners to the following core points:

• Understand the Character Qualities of Kingdom Servants in the Beatitudes

• Learn what it means to fulfill the Law

• Get a glimpse of how a real Kingdom Servant lives life

Keep in mind that despite me hearing about the “Sermon on the Mount” before, I never actually learned what that consisted of. I also had heard of the term “beattitudes” before, but dumbly assumed that had something to do with music. I also enjoyed the in-depth info Dr. Missler gave on the Pharisees and Sadducees because that helped explain the differences between them more.

I also contributed to forum discussions and took 2 quizzes and a final test. I got 100% on everything, except for the final test which I got a 96% on.

What was my favorite part of the course?

I really enjoyed learning about the Sermon on the Mount and the specifics of who it was addressed to, what Jesus meant and who was in attendance (and how Jesus’ words affected them). This is a really important topic.

What am I thankful for?

I’m thankful that God gave me a nice introductory course that shed light on His words and actions regarding one of the most important times of his life as he addressed believers. I’m thankful for the KI offering this course to anyone and everyone for free, regardless of whether they are members of KI or not.

I’ve become a student at the Koinonia Institute

koinonia-instituteAs of March 1, 2016, I have officially joined the Koinonia Institute as a student.

I’ve already done the college thing before, and I have a career that uses those academic skills – but this is me focusing on learning about God, the Bible and being a better Christian.

I looked at many Christian colleges – and I liked what Moody had to offer for distance learning – but Chuck Missler’s amazing YouTube videos and in-depth analysis is what sold me on the Koinonia Institute.

I really do need to learn more, and going to church in-person is a real struggle for me…so this online, distance-learning approach is the best way. The cost for KI is also far better than what you’ll find anywhere else.

Also, at the end of the day I’m not looking for a degree – a degree is nice…but a degree is a very worldly thing. A degree doesn’t even really mean anything, because many can (and have) “faked it” or flat out forgotten the vast majority of what it took to earn a paper degree.

No,  what I’m looking for is a much better understanding of The Bible, how it relates to the world we live in at this point in time…and a better relationship with God. Please pray for me that I study wisely and absorb what is being taught. There look to be a lot of awesome resources at the KI, and I plan on taking advantage of them as a student.