Studies with Koinonia Institute continue…

2016-06-18-koinoniaIt’s been awhile since my last update here, and it’s not because I haven’t had anything new I’ve wanted to share or I haven’t been doing anything — but actually that I am simply at a point right now (with many Biblical things) where stuff isn’t “completed” so that I can discuss them!

For example, for the last three months I have been making my way through a very lengthy course from Koinonia Institute, and about a month ago I started a second one simultaneously!

The problem is, despite me learning a lot, it’s very hard for me to comment on a course until I have completed it and seen/experienced all that it offers. The good news, of course, is that very soon I should be wrapping both of these up, and I can provide a detailed analysis of each class at that point.

Until then, however, I will still keep the site updated with my thoughts on other Biblical content I am seeing, reading and thinking about!


The Bible Collection: Moses

2016-06-01-mosesIt took me about a week or so to get through the entire Moses story — mainly because this was a rather long two-part movie — and because I kept finding myself caught up in other things (which, looking back, weren’t as important but stole my attention).

In this version of Moses, Ben Kingsley plays the well-known messenger of God in his struggles to help free the enslaved Jewish people from Egypt…and then guide them to the Promised Land. The film is enjoyable to watch, and gives valuable insight into specifics about Moses and his constantly unbelieving people — even after their miraculous exodus from enslavement.

Unlike the far-more popular, well-known and grand-in-scale Ten Commandments film starring Charlton Heston, this version downplays the lovelife of Moses and instead tries to cover as much Biblical material as possible, particularly after the Jewish people leave Egypt. I found the attention to detail to be a noble effort and offers a deeper reference to the Biblical story than other productions that tend to be more Hollywood-ized.

Moses is a good film to be included with the Bible Collection, and is a rather faithful retelling of a very complex and wide-in-scope narrative about defiant Jewish people early on. This one is worth watching.