Ten of the Top Scientific Facts in the Bible by Ray Comfort

2016-11-17-tenofthetopscientificfactsnthebibleRay Comfort’s “Ten of the Top Scientific Facts in the Bible” is a half-hour long video that is meant to demonstrate a variety of scientific references in the Bible, in a straightforward, simplified and easy-to-digest manner.

It’s pretty clear that the intended audience of this video is someone very new to the Bible, who may not have been exposed to these references before … but who would be able to grasp the significance of text that is thousands of years old, if modern-day connections are made.

Sadly, merely half of the show is devoted to the ten facts, and each fact gets about 90 seconds of detail at the most. Even worse, some of the facts are explained so quickly, simply or in a generic way that it’s hard for even believers to be amazed by any of them.

By the 16:00 mark all of the explanations are done, and we have Way of the Master’s outreach content, that touches down on some of these facts, via interview clips. Of the five or so people talked to, only a couple seem like they have any desire to look into what Ray is saying any further. The science facts presented to them also don’t seem to make much of an impact, but Ray’s signature “Are you a guilty sinner?” conversation does (a tiny bit).

It also doesn’t help that the production values associated with the film — namely in regards to editing, animation, sound and stock footage use — are of questionable quality. This approximately 30-minute video is $4.99 on the Living Waters website, but I’m not sure a viewer would get much out of it, compared to just reading a blog post or article about interesting scientific references from the Bible.


Patterns of Evidence: Exodus

2016-11-11-patternsofevidenceexodusPatterns of Evidence: Exodus is one of the best Biblical documentaries I have seen yet. In its two-hour run-time, the film dives deep into the topic of whether or not the events of Exodus can be authenticated in a scientific manner.

The filmmaker decided to focus on this subject because an overwhelming number of acheologists nowadays say the Bible cannot possibly be true because of historical inaccuracies — based on ancient discoveries — that derail the Exodus timeline.

The documentary takes a very methodical and slow-paced look at a half-dozen key points in the story of Exodus, and one-by-one, typically finds about a half-dozen or so data points (from different sources) to verify each one’s place in the historical record. Aided by the use of a computer generated “wall of time,” the film breaks down complex dating and Egyptian timeline issues in a very visual and easy-to-digest manner.

Late in the program, the filmmaker makes a point of saying that the reason why he felt he needed to make this documentary was that people no longer even attempt to discuss certain historical findings — namely of things relating to the relationship between ancient Egypt and the Bible. Most of the archeological world has simply stopped listening to anyone suggesting the Egyptian dates might be wrong, simply because it would cause virtually all modern archeologists to revise or withdraw their publications and findings.

But based on the very easy-to-understand details presented (that can’t possibly be skewed or faked to create bias) it seems that there is a major issue regarding Egyptian chronology — and instead of admitting Egyptian errors, archeologists would rather say the Biblical record of events is horribly wrong.

I highly recommend this film because the information is well researched, the visuals and editing are terrific, the interviews are numerous (and have major people involved!) and the message is one of pursuing Bliblical truth.

The Final Prophecies

2016-11-07-thefinalpropheciesThe Final Prophecies is a documentary that can be acquired for the price of shipping & handling ($6.95) from the homepage of the Prophecy Watchers Store. This 80-minute film takes a look at the history of Israel, its present day status and predictions of what’s in store for God’s chosen people — in the land He promised them thousands of years ago.

I was surprised by the interesting information the film showcased that typically isn’t brought up in regards to talks about Israel. The film discusses subjects like the Hebrew language, how ancient structures were found near Sodom and Gomorrah (where giant rocks are literally scorched), Israel’s conflicts in the 1900s and how the United Nations has already minted the first universal world currency (and given one of its coins to the Pope!).

The movie is shot in a very easy-to-follow way, and covers a wide variety of topics. If I had any suggestions for the filmmakers, it would have been that I wish they focused more on the “final” prophecies which haven’t yet been fulfilled — and the film, despite its focus on “prophecy” — barely seems to mention Jesus Christ’s saving grace and the fact that Satan truly exists, and wants to literally damn humanity to Hell. Prophecy is a nice subject, but if there’s no reason for people to believe (God’s love and compassion), that makes it a hard sell.

Overall, the mostly factual-based approach to presenting details might intrigue non-believers a bit, but followers of Jesus Christ will see a lot of areas in the film where subjects could have been fleshed out more … and more focus on faith could have been stressed.