Enoch: It’s Real – Trey Smith

Trey Smith is an interesting Christian documentarian  to listen to — and he got popular thanks to his many YouTube videos on topics like Enoch, Nephilim, Noah and other “fringe” topics in Christianity.

I recently ordered his complete DVD package from his site godinanutshell.com, but unfortunately his first major documentary — Enoch: It’s Real — from 2011 was never released on DVD. An updated version was, but that will be covered later on. Before delving into those newer films, I wanted to see his first major documentary from 2011 (as stated by his About Trey Smith section of his website).

This documentary says it’s approximately 90 minutes long, but that’s misleading — the first 40 minutes is about Enoch, the next 20 minutes is about Trey’s 2011 book called Thieves and the last 30 minutes is just his video’s logo (back in 2011 when YouTube used a still shot for the thumbnail preview, this was the best way to guarantee it to show up as a thumbnail option).

The Enoch part was quite interesting, and well produced for what is basically a guy having Skype and phone conversations with other Christian researchers who are knowledgeable about the Book of Enoch. The background music played, along with interesting visual cuts and Trey’s distinct voice and personality make for an entertaining watch. Trey’s editing and speaking style may not be for everyone (it’s fairly fast paced, and some people might find the music volume a bit distracting during parts from the message), but the content is good, which is what matters. He genuinely tries to boil core talking points down.

I also like how after his section on Thieves, he makes it clear he’s not the same person anymore, and has learned from his so-so past. That’s good to know.

One thing in particular that I learned from this documentary that I want to seek out more information on is the Dr. Walt Brown section that talks about the way the flood occurred — from within the Earth — and how that caused the Earth’s crust to split apart (called “Hydroplate Theory”).

If you can, check out this preview of Trey’s content — he’s an interesting documentarian to watch and listen to, and for his earliest effort, you can see hints at the editing/narrative style he would later polish. This 2011 documentary can be found here: https://youtu.be/BZGN6EKjvAo


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