Dollars And Sense – What The Bible Says About You And Your Money

I had received this 20+ year old book this past Christmas from my parents, as part of a small finance-planning organizer bundle they gave me and initially I figured it’d be a quick-read.

Written by Larry Burkett — a Biblical finance radio host from years ago — Dollars and Sense was only a couple hundred pages long, with each page covering a new keyword, and a related verse supporting the subject matter above. The main point of it was to give Christians a solid overview of key, wealth-related Biblical ideas.

Originally I planned to finish reading this book and review it nearly two months ago, but this title — unfortunately — was so unpleasant to finish that I had to push myself to get through it at least a dozen times. The way the content was presented and the “tone” of the author made me dread even opening the book. But, since it was a gift — and should be easy to finish — I felt obligated to read it.

The book had many core issues, which I’ll briefly touch on, including: 1) The book used the same verses over and over, for multiple topics. 2) The author merged verses together, without context, to support his message above them. 3) The translations used (TLB and NAS) are questionable in their accuracy, given so many context issues already present. 4) Sometimes Larry referenced parts of the Bible in support of his opinion, but the verse(s) below would then be something totally different. Confusing! 5) A few times words were clearly mentioned as being opposite — like “strength” and “cowardice” — even though they aren’t, just so a specific verse could be used. 6) Another issue was that often the verse used for a topic had nothing to do with the content above it at all, or was too generalized to make a connection. 7) Lastly, Burkett’s a guy who nags about modern-day tithing — multiple times — without giving the subject its proper, historical context.

Long-story short, I would say avoid this book at all costs. For it being so simplistic in style and so short, you should be able to get through it quickly — but instead you’ll likely be like me, and find it to be an absolute chore. Spend your precious time studying with God, using more valuable materials.


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