The Secret Of Power

The Secret of Power is a short book I received for free when I subscribed to the Sword of the Lord newspaper, but normally sells for $6.99. It is a very short book indeed — a little over 60 pages — and is a great, concise overview of the Holy Spirit, and how He differs from Christ Jesus and God the Father.

I have always been interested in knowing more about the Holy Spirit, because of all three persons of the Trinity, He seems to be the one I (along with most people) have the hardest time wrapping my head around, and is often the least discussed in sermons.

Luckily, this great, simple-to-read book covers the topic in a surprising amount of detail for its length, and starts with differences between the persons of the Trinity, moves to verification of the Holy Spirit’s existence, explanation of the spiritual nature and assistance He provides, and wraps up with a pretty thorough look at the twelve disciples and Paul, and their spiritual and personal changes after being filled with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

I only saw one minor typo in the book, and the author was excellent about quoting scripture in a very straightforward and easy-to-digest manner. Now, I do wish the book was another 20-30 pages long to dig deeper into the topics discussed, but what I love about this is how anyone could easily pick this up and read it in a couple sittings, on any given day or two.

If you want a nice overview of the Holy Spirit and how He can help in people’s lives, I would say either subscribe to that newspaper like I did and get this free, or just seek out a copy and buy it directly. It’s worth reading.


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