Six – The Mark Unleashed

I didn’t plan on watching this film, but one evening after working at my house I turned to TBN and “Six: The Mark Unleashed” came on. Apparently this is a film from 2004, starring well-known stars like Eric Roberts, Stephen Baldwin and Christian film star David A.R. White — and the film’s main star is actually Jeffrey Dean Morgan, best known for his recent work on cable television nowadays.

The story takes place sometime after the Rapture, when all that’s left are the unsaved people of the world, and after a global world leader has taken control of things. The film also implies this is during the Great Tribulation, because the world leader has already begun calling himself God and demanding worship. In exchange for their devotion, people are implanted with a chip on their hand or forehead that gives them access to all sorts of knowledge, and allows them to behave however they wish (carnally) without any punishment.

The few people who resist are unable to buy or sell anything (the first part of the film shows David White’s character and his friend stealing cars in order to get paid, in black market dealings) and are tracked down by devoted followers of the Antichrist. When found, they are given a choice — take the implant willingly, or be sent to jail to be executed (or if they resist too much, be executed immediately).

Unfortunately the movie suffers from some cheesy editing, dialog and bizarre plot points (like David’s friend trying to hack a satellite controlling everyone, or prison cells being covered in Biblical verses, while inmates walk around with Bibles [wouldn’t guards destroy those?]). I can’t really recommend this — not because it’s blasphemous or insulting — but because overall the film isn’t very good.


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