LibertyU Blog – College Materials

I’m not going to make this blog post very long because it’s late at night, I’ve been up for a ton of hours … I’ve been doing a bunch of school work … and my brain is about to go into bye-bye mode, very shortly. I will be posting later this week regarding my initial week at Liberty University, but for right now, I just wanted to give an update on class material-type things.

When I decided to return to college — even if it was only for online studies — I knew that mentally I had to get myself into the student mindset once again. This meant taking the whole experience seriously as a student … and so in addition to getting my textbooks for my classes (actually, two classes that haven’t even started yet will need even more textbooks) I did invest in other things: Like an actual LU backpack, organizer, LU notebooks, some LU clothing and other LU merchandise I could use (like a decal for my laptop, for example). I know it sounds weird, but it actually helps. I feel like a student again, plugging away at schoolwork. When I get ready for classwork, I take stuff out of my backpack and work on things. When I am done for the day, I put it all away. The daily organizer is also very helpful, because I have a ton of online class work — far more than I expected, quite honestly.

Anyways, just wanted to share an update and be sure to come back later on!


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