LibertyU Blog – Welcome Week

My last post had me in an exhausted state, because on that day I had just spent about two hours formatting my first paper in Turabian style, which is the writing format that all written work at the university needs to be in. It was hard to do, but after submitting my paper yesterday and getting good feedback so far, I think I’m understanding it enough to do research papers with some confidence!

Today marks the end of the first week of classes at Liberty University, and I think this school is an excellent example of how to do online studies. Multiple times each week they host their “Convocation,” which is basically a big seminar all students on campus attend … however they also livestream (and record) each event for current students, so even remote students won’t miss out. I watched this live, and felt like I was part of the activity!

Then, on Wednesday evenings, they have “Campus Community,” which is a worship/church service that again, all* students attend. The very first one had a cool animated/performance art piece showcasing the dangers of constant social media/phone use. (*I’m not 100% sure if attendance is required like it is to Convocation, but I would have LOVED things like this at the state university I went to years ago.)

These frequent concert-/seminar-/performance-like events keep students around each other, and reinforce Christian messages that the school wants learners to stay aware of. Now, the music is something I’m not super used to, but I like the variety!

Lastly, on Wednesday evening I also took part in a live, interactive Turabian Writing class that lasted about an hour, had multiple assistants answering questions real-time in chat, and a real-time professor webinar presentation explaining things us students needed to know.

Class work-wise, I finished up my first paper yesterday (about the Trinity), and after you submit it, you have to read other students’ work and then write multiple, cited responses to them — I still need to do that. In addition, I probably have 100+ pages of text to read by Monday, across three textbooks. Oh, and this week I have 10 readings of Galatians 6, which is supposed to be written about at the end.

Overall, I am really enjoying this school experience. The cost-per-credit for this program is very affordable and the fact that I can do it while still working full-time and paying normal bills is great. I thank God for this opportunity, and want to make sure that I don’t waste it.


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