The Daniel Project

While browsing Amazon’s video service, I came across this free-to-watch documentary last night, and figured I’d give it a shot. A 2012 movie called “The Daniel Project” discusses about a couple dozen end-time prophecies, and presents them in a very clear, straightforward manner to the viewer.

Now, one thing that sets this documentary apart from others is that the narrator and person being focused on the most — some sort of European voice work actor — says right up front he’s not a Christian, and that he doesn’t believe, but is interested in the topic.

So, the filmmakers have given him things to read as they film him, with short summaries of events predicted and things that have already occurred. You can actually see and hear the narrator get caught off guard by how eerily accurate a book from 2,000+ years ago really is. By the end of the film, it’s pretty obvious that even though he only had a small dose of prophecy information, his brain was thinking differently, and not so immediately dismissive of Christianity’s end-time predictions. So it’s a good message and sign of hope.

The movie does have a few glaring issues though — for starters, Jesus Christ is pretty much ignored, and being saved is not even part of the discussion. Next, there are several clips of Obama speaking that hint the filmmakers were trying to say he was perhaps the Antichrist (which is absurd). Third, not all the prophecies are equally discussed or given weight — like water in the wilderness or Israel’s currency changes. Fourth, the 200 million Eastern (likely Chinese) army is quickly mentioned, but think of how no other nation on Earth has that potential size of military or 1+ billion population to draw from. Fifth, and most glaring to me — is that the Rapture isn’t mentioned at all. Not even once.

It’s not a bad documentary, but the Obama allusion and lack of Rapture parts keep me from wanting to recommend it to non-Christians.


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