LibertyU Blog – Week 4 Update

Well, it’s been a few weeks now since my last update, and it’s not because I have wanted to wait that long — I simply I have been swamped with classwork and my regular full-time job as well. I do IT work for a living, which is me staring at a computer screen for 10-11 hrs. a day, and then on the nights I have to do schoolwork, that’s another 2-3 hrs. of Bible-study/work of writing papers, researching stuff, taking quizzes, etc.

In short, this is not an easy program for an adult with other commitments, time-wise. My original plan was to take 4 classes this fall (there are two 8-week session times each semester, and in the first session I am taking these 2 classes), but today — after knowing the remainder of this year will be busy overall, I have decided to drop the 2 classes scheduled to start in October, and just pick my classes up again in January 2018, instead. Now, I was already planning on scaling back the classes I’d take anyways after this semester, so it’s not a horrible thing — just a slight change of plans. But it also means not having to pay tuition and books for 2 classes, which — honestly — means a lot to my finances right now. My medical bills and other costs I have to deal with are just crazy.

As for the classes themselves, I’m enjoying them, and learning some neat things — like how to use Bible websites and Strong’s numbering systems to dig into individual words’ meanings, context and structure. But, like I said, it’s just a lot of work overall, and I have already written multiple papers about different topics.


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