The Encounter – Season 1

This one caught me by surprise because I honestly did not expect any more Encounter films, due to the last one being made way back in 2012 … so imagine my shock when I learned (from random web surfing!) that not only was it returning, but that it is now a full-fledged series … that came out last fall!

The show is about various people in different situations — such as a robbery gone bad, a woman heading home at night, staff in a stressful hospital — as they come face-to-face with Jesus Christ, and He helps them come to Him, or just come back to Him.

While it would have been better to have a full 45-60 minutes to flesh out the narrative in each of the eight episodes, the 30-minute runtime is adequate enough, and in some episodes gets a fairly thorough message across. Unfortunately, even though I really like the actor who portrays Jesus (Bruce Marchiano) and some of the actors do a really good job (like the parents in the penultimate episode), most of these storylines are so quickly-finished and simplified it’s often hard to really dig into anything of substance. In the second Encounter film, the discussion between Jesus and the five people at the resort was fascinating, lengthy and in-depth. That never really happens here, due to time restraints. Also, a couple episodes were very weak, like the eloping young adults and the power outage stories — again, maybe a longer time on screen would have been more impactful.

Even with its flaws on the small-screen, this is a great show to watch, and it’s on PureFlix streaming, which I discovered at the same time … and that has a ton of Christian films on it for a low price. I would recommend checking out the service, and especially this show.


2 thoughts on “The Encounter – Season 1

  1. I just signed up for PureFlix, I’m so sick of the garbage on Netflix and over the air TV. I watched about four episodes of “The Encounter” last night. Like you said the acting is good, especially Bruce Marchiano; yet some of the stories do end too quickly. With that said the first episode with the robbers brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait to finish up the series and watch some other movies.


    1. The Encounter movies are better (particularly the 2nd), and they’re on PureFlix. I actually haven’t had a chance to watch a ton on it, except for that series…but I think at the very least it warrants the free trial (which I likely will renew). I honestly just watch YouTube more than anything now, but yeah – I agree it’s nice to have a streaming channel option out there (for movies, copyrighted stuff) that simply lacks the normal nonsense that’s out there on Netflix and regular channels.


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