Bad Theology — John MacArthur, Got Questions and Calvinism

Well, this post bugs me. Earlier tonight, I was searching online, and just reading some random Biblical sites … and I came across a mention of “Calvinism.” Now, I had heard of this before (the term) and had heard some people mention it before, in various sermons … anyways, decided to finally look into the topic more … and I cannot believe what it is.

First, I had a look at Got Questions, a very popular site I’ve relied on many times to explain all sorts of Biblical things: What is Calvinism?

Now, if all they did was explain it, that’s one thing. But upon further reading here, I found this shocking statement: “Four-point Calvinism (the official position of Got Questions Ministries)…” Um…

Now, what makes Calvinism absolutely crazy, without writing paragraphs about it in detail? Basically it can be summed up like this: God predestined (selectively chose) everyone who will ever get saved, before they were even born. Anyone he didn’t choose will NOT get saved, and cannot, even if they want to. Period. End of story.

So let that sink in. Calvinism says the overwhelming amount of people in the world not only will go to Hell (which is honestly true), but that they have no choice but to go to Hell (that’s where it falls apart). Forget being told about Jesus Christ or Him dying for the sins of the world, or asking Him to be your savior and repenting. Nope, if you are saved, you basically hit the eternal jackpot, and almost no one else did. Pure luck of the draw. Calvinism is pure, clique-ish, elitism.

What bums me out also is that now, I can’t even listen to people like John F.  MacArthur either, who is a well-spoken pastor and was my go-to for sermons as I commuted. Turns out he’s a hardcore Calvinist.

Live and learn I guess, but how Calvinism has survived 500 years and still pollutes peoples’ mind is insane. I guess elitism finds a way. Even worse, now I have to start being extremely picky about who I read and listen to, because if they can be so off about this, what other false teaching are they spreading, deliberate or not? Be on guard. I was wrong for years about MacArthur, apparently. Fool me once…


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