Time Changer

I had never heard of this early 2000s Christian film until I came across a mention of it in an online preacher’s video … and surprisingly, Time Changer turned out to be a very good movie.

The story revolves around two seminary professors in 1890 having a disagreement over whether or not the teachings of Jesus should be taught, even if Jesus Himself is omitted from the conversation. The disagreeing professor urges the other to visit him late one evening, to show him something. The other reluctantly visits him, only to find that the urging professor claims to have build a time machine. The reluctant professor initially thinks it is a prank, but nevertheless, he goes along with it, as a doubter, and soon finds himself in the year 2000, but only for a few days at the most.

However, in that time the professor (who wishes to teach the message of Jesus even if it means not mentioning Him) learns very quickly how corrupt the world has become.

The acting is pretty good throughout the film, and even though the main character is portrayed almost childish and naive at times, I suppose that is how someone might behave if propelled forward a century where so little makes sense. The message presented to the audience is good, and on the whole the film is satisfying (and warrants repeat viewings).

The thing that stuck out with me the most though was the final scene, in which the music, editing and content makes you go, “Wow.”


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