Self-Study Bible Course

Around this time last year I announced that I would be giving a self-study Bible book a shot, because of how inexpensive it was, and I wanted to see if real value could come from a straightforward book, vs. more expensive Bible courses.

During this past year however I decided to actually enroll in a Bible college, and follow that path, because I wasn’t feeling like my Christian education was formal/detailed enough (for if I ever wanted to dive into deeper Biblical subject matter). I shelved this book rather quickly as a result, and I only ever completed the first lesson.

Flash-forward to the end of 2017 and I decided it was time for me to review the guide, even if I hadn’t completed all of its content. Instead of doing all the questions, reading and memorization, I instead decided to just read the content, and then answers’ summaries at the end of each chapter. I figured that alone would give me a good enough grasp of whether or not this was a good studying tool.

Boy, I’m glad I never actually finished this book. By about Chapter 4 or 5 the horrible realization hit me — that this was a study guide written by a charismatic believer (Derek Prince, who I only looked into AFTER discovering this craziness). Charismatic followers believe the spiritual gifts the Apostles got are still in use today — speaking in tongues, laying on of hands to heal, etc.

In short, from Chapter 4 or so onward you are sometimes obviously and other times not so clearly indoctrinated into these weird teachings. I’m so glad I never finished this book, and I am going to throw this out when I get a chance, because it’s really that pointless. Avoid this nonsense at all costs.


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