Captive Faith

Now this is a pretty unknown Christian film from 1991, and it tells the story of Christian prisoners in a Russian prison during the Cold War, and how they kept their faith alive and spread the message of Jesus Christ to other inmates.

The film itself clearly didn’t have a big budget, but it was convincing enough set-wise, with good actors as well, to tell the story in an effective and convincing manner.

There are touching parts of the film, such as one prisoner’s family visiting and then his wife and kids becoming sad as they were forced to leave. The immediate scene afterwards where a Bible smuggled in was almost discovered was interesting as well. And later in the film, when another prisoner explains how he shot his own son in a drunken state, is very moving also.

There’s only once scene in the film that makes little sense to the overall story (which involves a gambler who tries to murder the warden), but perhaps that was just added because it actually happened, and was done so for authenticity reasons.

Captive Faith is a pretty decent film to watch if it can be found inexpensively, but I can only see it being sold on the Harvest Productions website for approx. $14.99. For a middle of the road Christian film, that may be too high of price for some.


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