Bryan Denlinger’s YouTube Ministry

I was checking YouTube this evening and saw his most recent video — and in short, Bryan “husky394xp” has shut down all comments on all of his videos.

Now, to me, this is completely unacceptable considering the following things about the channel:

1) As stated by him, he’s had the channel for 9 years, and he’s always had comments on every video.

2) He didn’t choose to simply not do comments on any future videos and leave the rest as-is — no, he intentionally killed comments on every single video.

3) He says viewers can still contact him by email (however he stopped giving out his email years ago), but everyone else? Send snail mail to his P.O. Box.

Now, this is a guy who gained his 23,000+ subscribers due to word of mouth on YouTube, social media, and forums. None of his videos are gigantic hits, but he does many videos a week and each one gets a few thousand views typically. He also doesn’t monetize his videos and is supported by donations on his website.

What bothers me about this is that he is effectively saying what so many false teachers end up saying: “My opinion matters, and yours doesn’t — NEVER question me.” (Though I’m not necessarily saying he’s a false teacher on the level of Steven Anderson or Kenneth Copeland, but he’s on that extremely risky path…)

What I do have a core problem with is that for all the viewers — no matter if comments were good or bad — at least people could have discussions. They could thank Bryan for his work. They could criticize/send info if they had an issue with his sermons. But without a way to respond back to him in an open way or communicate with others watching the same content, he is basically going back to when he was mailing people DVDs.

He wants to preach at others, but wants near-zero feedback.

I will say this — some of his videos have been interesting and helpful. He did a good job exposing Hyles-Anderson College, Amish beliefs and comparisons of KJV bibles, for example. But some of his videos are (increasingly) just bizarre — topics like only eating raw/natural things to stay fit (what!?), no interracial marriage of any kind being allowed (what!?), church buildings being inherently evil (what!?), etc.

I would just avoid/unsubscribe from his channel now.


4 thoughts on “Bryan Denlinger’s YouTube Ministry

  1. I used to watch his videos, but like you stated he started getting into some strange (unbiblical) topics. Much of what he talks about is based on bad conspiracy theories that have now evidence or merit. It was as if he was trying to use the Bible to justify his alternative ideas on the world (such as the issue with interracial marriage). Over the past few months I have been staying away from these “preachers” on YouTube. These guys have an agenda just like any other group. My advice to any new Christian or lifelong believe is to stay away from man’s ideas and stick to the Bible.
    Here are some good verses to remember when dealing with false or questionable teachers. In Acts 5:29 Peter and the apostles say, “Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.” God and the Bible are my main authority when it comes to my life. A man trying to use the Bible to fit his agenda is not. Another good verse concerning this is 2nd Timothy 4:3, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;” I could post more, but I know you understand these issues as well as I do.
    I say let the followers of Bryan, Steven Anderson, and others duke it out in the comments. I pray that they spend just as much time reading the Bible and worshiping God as they do fighting and writing vulgarities to one another (same goes for the preachers).

    Excellent work as always brother, you are in my prayers. Hope you have been well!


  2. I actually heard back from him yesterday when I private messaged him on YouTube — I basically said this (shortened):
    “I saw your latest video about disabling comments. … By turning off comments, you are saying your opinion is more valuable than others’, and you have also cut off everyone who likes your content from even communicating with each other. If you had never had comments, that’s fine. If you had left all old comments in place but turned it off on new ones, even that’s fine. But by disabling them across the board, it comes across like you want an echo chamber. … you are signaling to everyone that you will say whatever you want and desire no feedback whatsoever. That’s the path false teachers go down. Do you really want to go that route?”

    …and his response?
    “I explained my stand in the video. You are welcome to your opinion. I have received many messages from people thanking me for turning off the comments. I might eventually re-open some comments, after the trolls have lost interest in my channel. The fact that you are so quick to judge me, makes me question your character. — In Christ Jesus, Bryan”

    Very odd response (especially the last sentence). If people dislike comments than they just don’t have to read them – why turn them off? Something’s fishy. So yeah, best to move on.

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    1. “The fact that you are so quick to judge me, makes me question your character.” Essentially what I get from this is, “Don’t question me or make me answer for my teachings; and since you questioned me then you must be evil.” Like you said this is going down the path of a false teacher, I would say this is verging on cultic behavior. He has his devoted followers and that how he wants it. None of them ask questions or challenge him, which is typical of these guys. A lot of folks in the “KJV Only” crowd get like this and its something to be careful of. After watching a few more of his videos I have found that my opinions and knowledge of the Bible differ greatly from his. Yep its best to move on and stay away from any of that nonsense. Just be glad he didn’t call you out for being a secret Jesuit trying to ruin his ministry… haha!

      Thanks for the update on this!


      1. Yes — you are right — sorta cultish/creepy behavior for sure. I won’t stay on this topic too much longer, but I must mention something funny — I saw this in the right column on YT as I was wandering about online — — and barely a year ago Bryan was so bothered he couldn’t reply to someone who said stuff he didn’t like, he made a whole video about it (I thought he said non-praising feedback is bad! Hahaha.) …whatcanyado. The world is full of odd behavior and odd people!


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