God Moments For Men

A couple months ago I was in Walmart, and in their small Bible book section (Walmart isn’t perfect by any means, but kudos to them for at least carrying Christian books in this day and age) I was looking for something to read that was both fairly short and inexpensive. At just $4.99, “God Moments For Men” fit the bill.

In this under 100 page book, it covers over 95 topics about all sorts of things in life like how to “Learn to be Content,”Perseverance,” and “Put Others First,” just to name a few. The wide variety of things discussed (one per page) makes for a very easy read, and the scripture for each topic along with a quote from a famous person add a nice touch of extra content to each subject.

I was actually expecting lots of pages devoted to being married and being a father (which would do me no good whatsoever), but this author didn’t really do that. So for married and single guys (men of all ages and backgrounds), this book really is a good read. It mixes the author’s personal experiences with many general/well-known observations in a way that help cover a topic in both a Biblical and modern-day sense, that we can all relate to.

My only nitpicks would be that a few of the people quoted are questionable (despite their quotes being good!) and some of the verses shown are using odd translations (like The Message). Other than that, I’d say this is a good buy if you want something light to read and that doesn’t hurt the wallet.


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