About This Site

My name is Scott Carmichael, and this is my personal blog about Studying With God. I wanted to create a site where I could share my thoughts and feelings about a wide variety of Christian things. I felt like naming it, “Studying WITH God” really helped emphasize that this is something I am doing WITH His help, since He is right there, helping me.

I’m currently working full-time as an IT Support Technician, have a number of amazingly awesome pets and the best Mom & Dad anyone could ever want. My life is good thanks to God, and after years of work and focus (and luck/timing!), a lot of things have fallen into place.

But the truth is, I haven’t been a very good Christian for most of my life. I believe in God … and I think of Him when I am hurting or scared … but only after late 2015 or so have I really started to understand that I’m being a Christian part-time…and that I too often don’t actually fear or respect God like I should.

As I get older I want to make sure above everything else, I have a good relationship with Him. People come and go, as do jobs, money, hobbies and everything else. but I just have this feeling deep down that I genuinely have to focus on Him much, much more as I age.

I hope you enjoy my posts on this site, and the overall plan is to post my thoughts on subjects as a Christian, my feelings about different Christian books, movies, music, etc. and things along those lines. I’ll leave the deep commentaries and amazing content to the experts. Me? I’ll just be posting what I can, in hopes that others might find it useful. Maybe one way, when I know more about the Bible, I can tackle more in-depth discussions.