The Action Bible

2016-05-02-actionbibleThis is kind of crazy to admit, but as I close in on my mid-thirties, The Action Bible is actually the FIRST time I have ever been exposed to the Bible fully, at least in a major story-by-story sense, in my entire life. In fact, I’d say it’s very sad it’s taken me this long!

What I find absolutely incredible about the Action Bible though is how it makes the stories of the Bible presentable in a fashion that can be easily understood by just about anyone, young or old, guy or girl.

The artwork is above average throughout the entire 600+ page book, with visuals that summarize large amounts of text in a more streamlined, efficient manner. The imagery also helps people comprehend the world, people and things of the time very well while the overall messages and stories are conveyed.

Now, obviously this Bible is aimed at younger people (teens) and is not a direct translation, but rather a “summarizing” of Bible content. Many important and critical messages, characters and events aren’t present at all, particularly during the New Testament — simply because either that info would be too lengthy / difficult to present visually, would slow down the pacing of this book a lot or just wouldn’t fit the overall tone (making an approachable, easy to read Bible).

I would say The Action Bible is perfect for people who want an initial, visual, understandable version of the Bible that they can wrap their head around…and then after readers complete it, they can move on a standard, true, complete translation of The Bible to get the full messages and meanings God intended. And as they read subsequent Bibles, they can use this one as a visual reference.

I love this version and was extremely grateful to be able to read it.