Reading: The New Testament

I officially start my Liberty University program next week, and I wanted to have completely read through The New Testament before I started … so as of today, I can officially say that have done that. I originally was taking detailed notes for all the non-Gospel books (for a project I’m working on), and that certainly contributed to my lengthy reading of the New Testament … but after finishing Jude I decided to go back and read Matthew through John first, and didn’t do any note-taking then, to save time.

That was actually a smart idea, because those four books took a long time to get through, as I read them in chunks after work, over the span of several months. After I completed all of those, I moved on to the final book — Revelation — because my aim was to have that be the final NT book I would read (order-wise).

All I can say is wow — Revelation is a shocking book. The amount of detail in it regarding the last days is amazing, and I can see how that book is more than enough to scare people into wanting to avoid that time (unfortunately, most will never read it). As for the other books, a lot of them mix together in my brain currently because it’s been awhile since I’ve read them … but each one — from what I recall — was a fascinating and wonderful book. Reading the Word of God, preserved to this modern day, just blows my mind. Hopefully the more often I read the Bible, the more details will stick with me over time.

Back in 2015-2016 I tried reading through the Bible (in a year) with one of those daily reading books, but it just jumped around way too much, and so much context was lost. After that, I decided to just read the NT from start to finish, essentially.

From here on out I will read the NT in any order I wish, as I really wanted to just absorb what the KJV version had to say, from start to finish.