Bryan Denlinger’s YouTube Ministry

I was checking YouTube this evening and saw his most recent video — and in short, Bryan “husky394xp” has shut down all comments on all of his videos.

Now, to me, this is completely unacceptable considering the following things about the channel:

1) As stated by him, he’s had the channel for 9 years, and he’s always had comments on every video.

2) He didn’t choose to simply not do comments on any future videos and leave the rest as-is — no, he intentionally killed comments on every single video.

3) He says viewers can still contact him by email (however he stopped giving out his email years ago), but everyone else? Send snail mail to his P.O. Box.

Now, this is a guy who gained his 23,000+ subscribers due to word of mouth on YouTube, social media, and forums. None of his videos are gigantic hits, but he does many videos a week and each one gets a few thousand views typically. He also doesn’t monetize his videos and is supported by donations on his website.

What bothers me about this is that he is effectively saying what so many false teachers end up saying: “My opinion matters, and yours doesn’t — NEVER question me.” (Though I’m not necessarily saying he’s a false teacher on the level of Steven Anderson or Kenneth Copeland, but he’s on that extremely risky path…)

What I do have a core problem with is that for all the viewers — no matter if comments were good or bad — at least people could have discussions. They could thank Bryan for his work. They could criticize/send info if they had an issue with his sermons. But without a way to respond back to him in an open way or communicate with others watching the same content, he is basically going back to when he was mailing people DVDs.

He wants to preach at others, but wants near-zero feedback.

I will say this — some of his videos have been interesting and helpful. He did a good job exposing Hyles-Anderson College, Amish beliefs and comparisons of KJV bibles, for example. But some of his videos are (increasingly) just bizarre — topics like only eating raw/natural things to stay fit (what!?), no interracial marriage of any kind being allowed (what!?), church buildings being inherently evil (what!?), etc.

I would just avoid/unsubscribe from his channel now.


Left Behind II: Tribulation Force & Left Behind: World At War

Many times I review things on here not because I love the content/item covered, but rather because during my studies and entertainment consumption, I either buy or come across things for cheap, and wish to share my opinion.

I previously reviewed the original 2000 Left Behind film and the 2014 remake, and I remarked how both of those had major issues, but the original at least had a better message and presentation of the two. Because I was able to get my hands on the two Kirk Cameron sequels for cheap on VHS and via streaming, I figured why not just wrap up the series and see if anything of value was there.

Unfortunately, no. The second film is easily the worst of the three Cameron films, and has unbelievable scenes and the characters from the original (like Cameron) simply don’t do anything new or interesting. It feels like the second film was rushed and done on an even smaller budget. The third film actually seems like the first two acts are written by and done by a fairly competent writer and director … but then it too falls apart at the end. The best thing of the entire series movie-wise is the actor playing the President, while the Antichrist actor is just a joke, and the effects at the end of the third film get very bad.

So would I recommend any of the four Left Behind films? Absolutely not.

Even worse, after watching all of these Kirk Cameron films, I found out a couple years ago he publicly stated he doesn’t even believe in the Rapture anymore, and thinks Christians are using the Rapture as an excuse to basically not do anything to try and save the world (as if we have a say when Jesus returns). It’s extremely weird (and I wonder if his failed stardom in the old Left Behind films altered his position), and makes me want to avoid all his material now, regardless of age. I would say just avoid Cameron in general, as I get the feeling he is a “Church Lite” type of personality, and always has been and values popular-thinking over actual-Bible content.

Bad Theology — John MacArthur, Got Questions and Calvinism

Well, this post bugs me. Earlier tonight, I was searching online, and just reading some random Biblical sites … and I came across a mention of “Calvinism.” Now, I had heard of this before (the term) and had heard some people mention it before, in various sermons … anyways, decided to finally look into the topic more … and I cannot believe what it is.

First, I had a look at Got Questions, a very popular site I’ve relied on many times to explain all sorts of Biblical things: What is Calvinism?

Now, if all they did was explain it, that’s one thing. But upon further reading here, I found this shocking statement: “Four-point Calvinism (the official position of Got Questions Ministries)…” Um…

Now, what makes Calvinism absolutely crazy, without writing paragraphs about it in detail? Basically it can be summed up like this: God predestined (selectively chose) everyone who will ever get saved, before they were even born. Anyone he didn’t choose will NOT get saved, and cannot, even if they want to. Period. End of story.

So let that sink in. Calvinism says the overwhelming amount of people in the world not only will go to Hell (which is honestly true), but that they have no choice but to go to Hell (that’s where it falls apart). Forget being told about Jesus Christ or Him dying for the sins of the world, or asking Him to be your savior and repenting. Nope, if you are saved, you basically hit the eternal jackpot, and almost no one else did. Pure luck of the draw. Calvinism is pure, clique-ish, elitism.

What bums me out also is that now, I can’t even listen to people like John F.  MacArthur either, who is a well-spoken pastor and was my go-to for sermons as I commuted. Turns out he’s a hardcore Calvinist.

Live and learn I guess, but how Calvinism has survived 500 years and still pollutes peoples’ mind is insane. I guess elitism finds a way. Even worse, now I have to start being extremely picky about who I read and listen to, because if they can be so off about this, what other false teaching are they spreading, deliberate or not? Be on guard. I was wrong for years about MacArthur, apparently. Fool me once…