Studying With God Anniversary – Year #1!

2017-03-01-jesusWow! My, how time flies! It’s hard to believe that one year ago exactly, I officially launched this Studying With God blog, and I have been so excited and pleased with the results!

I feel like I’ve learned a lot as a Christian over the past year, and have already invested a lot in what I hope to be even more things I learn about in this upcoming year. I’m still very much a newbie at all this, but what I’ve found is that I really enjoy the following things:

  • Learning about Bible prophecy
  • Old Testament stories and info about the Jewish culture
  • New Testament teachings regarding Jesus, the Apostles and Paul
  • Watching Biblical documentaries, films and TV programs
  • Following online programs, such as Prophecy Watchers & SkywatchTV
  • Listening to sermons from John MacArthur, Dr. Charles Stanley, Ravi Zacharias, etc.

It’s just awesome that I have been able to officially make the Bible my #1 hobby and focus over this past year. So much so, in fact, that all my other stuff (including work-related interests) have waned considerably! I’m 100% alright with this!

Now, while I haven’t been able to accomplish all I’ve wanted in the past year (like working my way through the Bible fully — though I did get through a graphic novel version of it that covered the Old & New Testament well), I did reach my goal with Koinonia House, and I have completed reading a few Christian non-fiction books as well (book reading, unfortunately, is always a slow-paced thing for me).

In short, I just wanted to say ‘thanks’ to anyone who has followed my blog over the past year, and that I appreciate whatever traffic God has blessed me with so far. I hope to continue maintaining this blog for years to come, and I hope my posts (over 45! …almost 1 every week!) can be a valuable source of information for other Christians as well.

Thank you for reading. Praise Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and God the Father.